A selection of prints that celebrate the astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson as an unsung hero. Includes a bespoke typeface based on star formation, and selected quotes from his interview with Times Magazine, where he responds to the question “What is the most astounding fact about the universe?”

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Custom Lettering of the 40s & 50s.

When personal computers became de rigueur for the design world, their font lists standardized the array of typefaces available to layout artists and typesetters. But in the decades before computer dominance, hand-drawn fonts were the highlight of television, comic book and promotional design. 

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Risotto Script by Felipe Calderon (Introductory offer 70% off).

Risotto Script is a sexy tipography designed by Felipe Calderón, it represents the texture, sound, smell and flavor of food that come in those interesting packages with different concepts. This font makes you want to eat it because is designed with a unique texture like a lot of vegetales, it has flourish that pretends herbs and country roots. 
Caligraphy with folded pen and food packaging were two of the inspirations to develop this project that will work well wherever it is applied.

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